Monday, June 11, 2012

“Rock” Stars – Big Bessie part II

Over the past couple of weeks, the singular impact of Bessie and Billie Bob has been transformed by the addition of hundreds of brother and sister stones. The finely completed fireplace is now an even more impressive collaboration of stone.

"The Family Stone"
The quality of stone chosen by Dave “the über mason” and his right hand man Luke has translated into an awe-inspiring work of high-level craftsmanship. There is no “rock jumble” here.

Dave and Bessie, proud papa.
The overall effect is of carefully selected and skillfully set stone with true lines and square corners. The rustic wood mantle harmonizes well with the organic nature of these beautiful river stones. The larger stones at the base anchor the fireplace, while the throat of the chimney tapers nicely as it stretches for the ceiling. Individual “statement” size stones decorate the chimney face as it transitions from mantle to roof.

Built to last
            I can imagine relaxing after dinner, my mind wandering as I watch the faces in the stone reflect back in the firelight.

            Thanks Dave and Luke, you absolutely did justice to this one. Years from now visitors to this mountain valley cabin will surely remark: “They just don’t build them like they used to.”

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  1. when Marc and I decided to go ahead and start our cabin, neither one of us thought we would love the process as much as we love the place. I think every family has high expectations and you romantisize how things might be. We have watched our cabin literally take shape, and heart, and personality with each and every person that has contributed to its being.
    Don's thoughtful and careful prodding, his wisdom and understanding of size and scope, attention to detail and always worrying more, which allows me to worry less! His uncanny ability to read my mind when I simply can't articulate what I want,are just a few of the things that have created such a great experience.
    But what I love the most, and I believe that I speak for Marc as well, is that not just with Don and Nick and Brandon, who have put so much of themselves into our cabin, made it ours, but so uniquely theirs, but Dave, the artist behind the heart of the home, the magnificent stone fireplace and Luke who contributed so much to the puzzle! These are just some of the people that in the process of creating something new, create it's history and story as well.
    Our cabin has a life, a history,and a personality and it isn't even finished! Marc and I will share its life with any and all who come. Big Bessie, the gift right out of Dave's own yard, held there for over 20 years and a very permanent place now in our home, is more than just the family stone!
    A life is the sum total of all ones collective relationships, experiences and adventures, and I know that our cabin is a home based on all of the ideas, creations and yes the relationships of all the people that have added some bit of themselves to this project.