Saturday, January 3, 2015

Year in, Year out

Goodbye 2014. For us at Shadowline this past year was full and fast. As we finished one house we were breaking ground for the next. We won't soon forget the struggles of the summer with all the fire and smoke, the week without power and finally all the flooding and road closures.

The home we completed this spring came out great and the proud owners love it. This was one of the fastest 'concept to completion' projects we have been involved with. I first met with my soon to be clients in July of 2013 and by September we had finalized the design and were meeting with the excavation contractor. Working with just two and a half men (I'm only half a man these days, LOL), we had the metal roof on before the Winter snows. Even with our traditional month break at Christmas we had the owners moving in by the first of May.

Our current job is also going well. This one took closer to 6 months in the design and planning phase but it's proving to be well worth the additional commitment. With the home's exterior virtually complete, I shut down my crew in mid December. The sheetrock crew got a late start but finished just before Christmas. When we start up again in 2 weeks the place will be ready for us to paint and start installing doors and interior trim. It will be nice to go back to work with the "gravy" part of the job waiting for us. This home is going to be one of my favorites. The site over- looking the river is spectacular and the owners are letting us do it right, on a budget, but with only the best in materials. I'm going to have to make more room for it on the Shadowline web site.

So, here's to another year with a bright future. Another year of challenges and rewards. Another year, still trying to be 'Smarter Than The Wood'. Welcome 2015.