Saturday, March 29, 2014

Front Page News!


This may be a relatively small time Magazine but I still get a good feeling seeing this beautiful place on the front cover. The article by M.V. News editor Don Nelson, is well written and accurate. This project was one of the most challenging I have had in the last 20 some years in the valley. Though we didn't get to start it from scratch, the owners were willing to do whatever it took to make it right.

The exterior shell had been completed by the previous owners but needed extensive modification to fit the vision of its new owners. The interior was virtually raw without even a stairway to the second floor. This left a lot to be done but it gave us a fairly blank pallet to work from.

 Working with the existing log post & beam structure was something new for my crew and I. Traditional timber frame has always been my favorite but working with logs brought a new dynamic to our finish work especially. Coping every piece of window and door trim to logs is very time consuming but well worth it.

Before Kitchen
The owner's New York City background and taste allowed the traditional mountain lodge baseline to grow into a more modern yet appropriate styling. By increasing the scale of the steel railings and giving them a hand forged look and feel we were able to massage glass and metal into refined rustic. Honing the granite counters was the perfect solution to enhancing the organic aspect of lodge living.

After Kitchen